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Gartzke Creations right now are two different storytelling genres that are being created. One is Beachside Game Co. and the other is Timeless Tomes.


Beachside Game Co. right now is working on a game called Koi Tale which is made in GB Studio. Koi Tale is a 2D adventure game about a koi fish named Moco. Moco goes on a series of quests to try to make it up the waterfall. Also, another game being worked on is Jimbawang. It is a 3D game made in Unity and Blender. Jimbawang is an adventure game about trying to save a restaurant.


Timeless Tomes right now has a book for sale called RainShadow. It is a fairy tale about a jungle princess that goes on a journey to save her protector.


Both Beachside Game Co. and Timeless Tomes are developing, so make sure to follow to see the development process. 


Thank you.

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